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My Kawaii Squishies® are Super Squishy Toy Food and Character Collectibles

The definition for Kawaii is cute, and My Kawaii Squishies are definitely cute! My Kawaii Squishies are mini food and character collectibles made out of super squishy soft rising foam. Some My Kawaii Squishies look so real you may want to eat them, but don't!

The Real Kawaii Squishy!

So, how is our product different from other "Squishies" on the market?

My Kawaii Squishies are Kawaii Squishies. They are not just a soft toy in a bag with the word "squishy" on it. Our products are quality made and have the slow rising squish factor kids want. And kids know the difference!

We believe in the importance of independent retailers. You will not find our products at big box stores. And we will continue to offer new exciting styles to keep your customers coming back for more.